Imagine if you could offer your customers a superior delivery service, without the time and expense of managing or expanding your own fleet? 

With a dedicated courier service, you can. 

Your business can benefit from having a ‘ready-to-go’ fleet of vehicles, whenever required and without the ongoing expenditure of fuel, maintenance and repair. Also saving your business when it comes to personnel costs, background checks, training and the teams needed to manage it all.

Rising Delivery Standards

Rewind several years and it was perfectly acceptable for a customer delivery to arrive within days or even weeks. But with the growth of consumerism, so too has the need for next day delivery and even same day which has become the norm, and indeed the expectation of consumers across the UK.

The Amazon-effect has played a big part in raising customer expectations, creating more demand for faster and cheaper deliveries, pushing businesses to compete in offering superior delivery options for less.

Wondering how your business can deliver a superior level of delivery service, without continually needing to adjust its fleet to meet fluctuating demand? 

A dedicated courier service could provide the answer, read on for more. 

Your customers can reap the benefits of a dedicated delivery service.

When businesses are operating at peak, experiencing a period of increased demand or simply looking for more effective ways to manage day-to-day fluctuations, they could benefit from utilising a dedicated delivery service. Rather than expanding their own fleet to meet levels of demand, a dedicated courier service will provide a fleet of high-quality, professional drivers at short-notice, that can be called upon ad hoc, the very same day.

What is a Dedicated Courier Service?

Whilst a dedicated courier service is essentially on offshoot of same day courier it provides an added level of benefits to those offered by a standard same day service.

‘Dedicated’ delivery means goods are transported from A to B (or indeed multiple addresses), by a vehicle that contains no other loads. By providing a dedicated van, businesses are essentially receiving the same level of service as they would with having their own fleet – without any of the aforementioned ongoing costs.

And that’s not all. The many benefits of using a dedicated courier service include:

Utilising a dedicated vehicle for your consignment means your fragile, high-value or confidential items will be significantly more secure during transit than through a regular delivery service.